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A girl with horns and a sword doesn’t take no for an answer.

Lyria Two Horns wants nothing more than to defend her people by becoming one of the elite Moon Hunters. All her training and all her skills mean nothing however when she’s told she is still not ready. But that won’t stop Lyria Two-Horns.

She is determined to fulfill her dream, even if she unknowingly unleashes an ancient evil that will threaten not only her, but her entire kingdom as well.

Moon Hunters is a three-issue comic series written and illustrated by Matthew Childers. Once the third issue is completed it will be published by Action Lab Comics. Moon Hunters is edited by Nick Kask and Katrina Roets with color support by Kevin Lennertz.

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It’s the world building that is important here, and Childers has created a world that already seems bigger than this issue can contain. It’s a living, breathing thing that gives us the impression that, much like his protagonist, we’ve got a lot to learn about it.  That’s one of the things that I like about this kind of tale. It lets us experience the world in the same way as the character. Even though they’ve lived in it for much longer than we have, they still have much to learn about “how things work.”  This is all accomplished with a genuine subtlety: a stray comment here, a dodged assumption there – it’s really quite well done. Erik Cheski

Contributer, Fanbase Press

About The Creator

Matthew Childers is a Tennessee based comic book artist, illustrator and writer. He has also worked as a graphic designer for over 20+ years and has won over 50 advertising and illustration awards. Matthew has also worked for Dynamite Comics, Nickelodeon and deCoubertin books. He is currently working on the upcoming Action Lab Comics fantasy adventure series Moon Hunters – Tales of the River Folk.

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