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Welcome to the world of Moon Hunters.

You are taking your first steps on an amazing journey into the new fantasy world of the River Folk. In Moon Hunters, you will follow the adventures of Lyria Two-Horns as she battles fantastic beasts, protects her people from evil monsters, and deals with her own brashness in the face of danger.

Moon Hunters: Tales of the River Folk Volume 1 is currently in production and will be published by Action Lab Comics upon completion. Now is your chance to become part of the River Folk community and be invited to learn behind-the-scenes stories, see behind-the-scenes art, find out more about the characters, and know when this fantastic new story is ready for release.

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A page that’s not a page

As I'm going back and enhancing issue one I saw a scene that I felt was far too rushed and needed more exposition. There were also a couple panels that I wasn't happy with that I wanted give more attention to. So while this may look like a normal comic page, it's...

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Tale of Billy One-Snoot

So part of my deal with Action Lab Comics is that each issue of Moon Hunters is now 32 pages instead of the normal 22. This is great for the story as it allows me to focus more on characters and expand the story so it feels much bigger and better. However it also...

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Lyria Two-Horns


Lyria Two-Horns wants nothing more than to become a Moon Hunter, guardian of the Hornlings, Protector of the River Folk.

For generations the Moon Hunters have protected the Hornlings from all types of wild creatures, monsters, and other hostile threats. Now Lyria is one step away from passing the final test. She has mastered every skill, tracked every creature, and by all rights has the potential to be one of the finest warriors her people have ever known. But will her natural curiosity and over-confidence be her downfall? Is she mentally prepared to do what it takes to protect her people? And more importantly to her…will she become a Moon Hunter after all?

Introducing an all-new fantasy webcomic series by award-winning artist and creator Matthew Childers. Join Lyria and enter a world of fantasy creatures, swordplay, and magical quests in Moon Hunters, Tales of the River Folk!

Matthew Childers as Hornling


Hi. I’m Matthew Childers. I created Moon Hunters because I love fantasy and wanted to create a book that I thought you’d enjoy. I love to draw action, adventure, cool weird characters and monsters and creatures. So Moon Hunters is a dream come true.  The main character of Lyria Two-Horns was modeled after my daughter, Lauren, who like Lyria is a bit of a spitfire. I also have an amazing wife named Christy and a son named Christopher, without whose support this book probably wouldn’t exist. In the past I have illustrated for Dynamite Comics, deCoubertin Books, and also illustrated books for an imprint I co-created called Adventures In Pulp. If you’d like to learn more about my other work visit http://matthewchilders.com

Likes – Peanut butter sandwiches, sweet pickles, lemonade, Battlefield 1, Mysterious Universe, the beach

Dislikes – Broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, the sound of gum chewing, the smell of gum…and really anything gum-related

Lyria in Watercolor
Lyria in Watercolor
Lyria in Watercolor
Moon Hunters book

It’s the world building that is important here, and Childers has created a world that already seems bigger than this issue can contain. It’s a living, breathing thing that gives us the impression that, much like his protagonist, we’ve got a lot to learn about it.  That’s one of the things that I like about this kind of tale. It lets us experience the world in the same way as the character. Even though they’ve lived in it for much longer than we have, they still have much to learn about “how things work.”  This is all accomplished with a genuine subtlety: a stray comment here, a dodged assumption there – it’s really quite well done.

Erik Cheski

Contributer, Fanbase Press

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