Looking At The Bigger Picture As A Comic Book Creator To Find Inspiration.



August 2018

One of the things that I *highly* suggest every comic creator does is take time every so often to look at the book he’s working on as a whole. 

Take a step back and look at the big picture. I don’t do this nearly as often as I should but when I do I really start to see what I’m struggling with, what I’ve accomplished, and what needs to be done.

Now this can be done in many ways. Some people create a board or allocate a wall in their studio or office to look at the pages. Some people create little book mockups. Personally I am a big fan of Adobe Creative Suite, and since I use Adobe Illustrator for lettering my books I set up a multi page document there. It allows me to zoom in, zoom out, look at pages large or small. 

Having that ability to look at the project as a whole really gives me a nice sense of what I’ve accomplished and what I have left to accomplish.


With issues one and two of Moon Hunters complete I am currently working on the third issue.

When I sat down today it dawned on me how much of a breeze the first half of the book was to draw. But since I started the second half I’ve just kept hitting a wall. I even had to rethink a whole major scene because the setting was just too generic.

Looking at it as a whole I am able to absorb it and put it all in front of me. It inspires me to continue and figure out problems.

I also can really see how the art for this issue is a step above issue two, as issue two was a step above issue one. 

The coloring on this issue, though not much is done is also a step above issue two. 

Taking that time to step back and look at the entirety of a project is one of those things that inspires and can help with those hurdles when you feel blocked or uninspired. 

So here is hoping the next couple weeks I can really push through and get a ton done.

I’m excited.

I’m ready.

I just need to knuckle up and press the nose to the grindstone. And here is hoping that should you find yourself in a similar place with your comic creating endeavors you become inspired in a similar way.

Check out this Eight Page Preview of Moon Hunters from Issue 1.