Lyria Two-Horns

Lyria Two-Horns wants nothing more than to become a Moon Hunter, guardian of the Hornlings, Protector of the River Folk.
For generations the Moon Hunters have protected the Hornlings from all types of wild creatures, monsters, and other hostile threats. Now Lyria is one step away from passing the final test. She has mastered every skill, tracked every creature, and by all rights has the potential to be one of the finest warriors her people have ever known. But will her natural curiosity and over-confidence be her downfall? Is she mentally prepared to do what it takes to protect her people? And more importantly to her…will she become a Moon Hunter after all?

In this first series Lyria must tackle not only her final test before being accepted as a true Moon Hunter but deal with her own brashness and over eagerness. She is cocky, wild, and quick to action. While these can be useful traits they also push her to make mistakes and puts her in danger when a little patience could have saved her a whole heap of trouble.