Scarlet Two-Prongs

Scarlet Two-Prongs is smart, capable and has a thing for following the rules. She has always had a sixth-sense when it comes to knowing her surroundings. Rare is it that anyone or anything can sneak up on this dauntless warrior. It is said she can feel the vibrations of a Blorglestomp a mile away. Or the breath of a Neemo from 40 paces. When she was young her mother and father were killed in a tragic accident and she was raised as a warden of the Hollow Wind tribe. The “Hollow Wind” rarely visit the city keep of the River Folk community, preferring to live as close to nature as possible. Scarlet, though more comfortable than her Hollow Wind tribe, also prefers sleeping under the stars to sleeping in the luxury of the keep. Should she pass the final trial to become a Moon Hunter she is hoping to be given a post that will allow her to explore the boundaries of the River Folk lands.