What is Moon Hunters and why fantasy?

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So in case you didn’t know, my name is Matthew Childers. I am a comic book writer and illustrator and I am creating a book called Moon Hunters. Now before we begin, I’m just about finished with the entirety of issue two of this book and am close to starting issue three. I still have a whole bunch of work ahead but it’s work I enjoy. The strange thing is I just realized that I am just now answering these questions full on. So here we go

How did this all get started.

When I started this journey I had just come off of a bad creative partnership. It had started well and we did some really great work but it soured so badly that I just didn’t know what to do next. Before it had soured I had toyed with the idea of writing my own story. I really kind of wanted to. That idea was reinforced by talking to an ex-Marvel artist and writer who told me that it was obvious I knew how to tell a story.. that I should just tell my own stories. I had another great creator also tell me that creative partnerships always end badly and I should be doing my own work. Seriously at the time I didn’t believe him. Now I fear he must be some sort of clairivoyant… because he saw right deep into the future.

So as predicted, the creative partnership dissolved. I don’t know whether it was out of rage, fury, or just pure stubborness but I had about ten bajillion ideas running through my head. I had done a few small pitches with another writer that I really enjoyed (and still enjoy) but they were very serious/urban sci-fi mystery type stuff and I wanted to try something completly different, to stretch my creative legs. As frustration with choosing an idea grew I decided to just sit down and draw for fun. I did a fun little character drawing of a girl with horns. I posted it to facebook and my friends and people who followed me went nuts over it. I had several people who, said they could easily write a story based solely on how she looked.. that she, just by the way she was drawn invited a story. And they were right.

That was the day Lyria-Two Horns was born.

So what is Moon Hunters?

Moon Hunters is the story of a girl named Lyria-Two Horns who wants to become a Moon Hunter. Her whole entire world takes place in the land of the hornlings. It’s not a kingdom like in traditional fantasy stories. No princesses here. They don’t have a king, they don’t have a queen. They are ruled by a council of elders and protected by an elite force known as Moon Hunters. A Moon Hunter is at times much like a knight, a ranger, a magician, but mostly a hunter. They track down creatures of mischief, danger, power and rage. The lands of the hornlings are filled with many strange and wild creatures, some are harmless, some are beautiful, some are useful but there are those that are none of these things.

Lyria’s father is a member of the council of elders but her mother is a Moon Hunter. The Moon Hunter. Her mother trained Lyria since birth to know how to track, identify, and hunt all types of monsters. Lyria is a skilled warrior and lover of adventure. But she’s still young. Despite all her formidable skills she is filled with the conceit of youth. She thinks she is ready to become a full fledged Moon Hunter, but though she has the training, she doesn’t have the patience or wisdom.

The story of Moon Hunters is partially about Lyria and her actions. But more to the point it is about her making a huge mistake and how it effects the world she lives in and what she does when she confronts her mistake.

Why Fantasy?

I could have written Lyria into almost any kind of situation/setting/time. She could have been a cosplayer or a girl from the future fighting robots. Any of that. But I really wanted to distance myself from what is known or expected, especially in grounding the story in any sort of earthly reality. This story doesn’t take place on earth. This story doesn’t take place in any time. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever say they live on a certain planet or anything like that. Honestly it doesn’t matter. It’s the characters who matter. I wanted to be able to create everything from scratch. New monsters, new types of humanoids. I mean the main character is light purple with horns. One of her comrades is a large guy with red skin. I thought it would not only be more fun for me to draw a world where there were no rules. That way I didn’t feel constrained.

Fantasy can be just about anything. But in this case I wanted a world that could be both bright and beautiful but also dangerous and filled with creatures. I don’t know if I’ve even come close to capturing what I envisioned in my head but it really has given me a deeper respect for other fantasy creators and how much work they put into their stories.

I would like to invite you to check out the eight page preview below and then sign up and become part of the community. I have a ton of great content coming your way and I want to share it with those of you who are starting to find this world as facinating as I dream it is becoming.


Check out this Eight Page Preview from Issue 1.

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