Watch as I ink a page of Moon Hunters very very fast.



August 2018

Inking A Page of Moon Hunters

I sat down with a page of pencils from Moon Hunters issue three and decided to ink a page. I realized I hadn’t done a time-lapse video in a while on my main website and decided to film it. Added on top of that I was feeling really confident.

This page was drawn and I was really happy with how the pencils turned out. It just felt good. So inking it I knew I wasn’t going to have much in the way of struggle. It just flowed so easily. This used to be rare but these days I’m finding more and more pages that work this way.

The Tools I Use
Drawing this page only required two tools. I inked a majority of it with a Zebra Disposable Brush Pen which lately has been my go to tool. It has a great tip and just goes and goes and goes. I can do maybe three or four pages with a brush, sometimes more.

I also used a Pentel Color Brush. I need a new one as I have three of them and two of them are almost dry. But man do these fill in blacks quickly. I especially prefer the ones with dye-based ink as the ink dries faster than some of the original ones that I purchased. Originally they were very smudgy and didn’t like erasing even after an hour. But lately using the dye-based versions has yielded a much better result.


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